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Google Gets Back Into The Graces Of Apple iOS Users

Since getting bounced from Apple’s iOS system last September when Apple decided to utilized it’s own mapping system, Google has been working at getting back in front of the nearly 55% of US mobile users who utilize Apple’s iOS mobile products (

Google quickly countered this loss with a mobile iPhone application shortly after it’s routing. The action was to ease frustrations of loyal GoogleMaps users, but it was still far from a perfect solution since it did not support Apple’s iPad devices.

Over the last several months, the industry has seen some really great product upgrades come from GoogleMaps like Google+ social recommendation integration with and a whole new maps layout / searching functionality for users to interact with.

Well, the time finally came for an upgrade…. Google just released its newest version of the GoogleMaps application, which runs on all mobile Apple iOS 6 devices. No longer is there a need to upscale from the iPhone application on the iPad, so gone is the days of dealing with blurry text and map images. What’s even more exciting is that Google integrated its Google Now Cards, which curates lists of nearby locations and travel information based on your search history.

In my opinion, we’re at a very cool crossroads within search. In past, search involved a user to actively seek out a topic and in which Google provided answers based on its search algorithm. Things appear to be moving in a direction where passive / suggestive search is becoming more integrated into our devices with the integrations like Google Now Cards into GoogleMaps.

If you haven’t already begin curating your business place listings and have gotten your location data cleansed and normalized, it’s time to get started!

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