Google My Business API 3.1 Has Arrived

Google just released its latest update to the Google My Business API with version 3.1. The new update brings with it some exciting new features, most notable of which are review push notifications, informing you of incoming reviews without having to query Google for them. This should make it easier for multi-location brands to respond in a timelier manner.

The Google My Business API update, as reported by Mike Blumenthal and Barry Schwartz, expands attributes such as menu URL and payment methods, as well as new features like Maps URL, which makes it less of a hassle for users to view locations on Google Maps. Additional features include:

  • Location States—lets you know the status of a location such as published, disabled, pending verification
  • Reopen Flag—differentiates between locations that can or cannot be reopened
  • Category Endpoint—helps you understand which categories are available depending on country and language


For Ignite’s Placeable clients, you can be certain we’ll implement the new Google My Business API features into Workbench as they’re rolled out, not to mention any additional API updates in the future.

It’s exciting to see the API to continue to become more robust. However, that doesn’t mean the API doesn’t have a long way to go. As Placeable’s Brian Smith pointed out in his Search Engine Land article “Bridging the gaps in the google My Business API,” Google has yet to address the two things the Google My Business API needs the most: updating geocodes and pulling search traffic for local listings. Here’s hoping we’ll see them in the next update.

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