Google’s new stats on how people use devices

Google released its latest stats on device use, and the report is offering some key insights into customer behavior. If you haven’t seen the report yet, here’s what you’ve missed:

All hail mobile

Mobile is still the king. No surprises there. But the extent to which mobile rules our lives should raise a few eyebrows. Consider this:

  • 80% of us use a smartphone during an average day
  • 27% of us use only a smartphone
  • 39% of us search only on a smartphone


As for computers, their influence has steadily diminished.

  • 67% of us use a computer during an average day
  • 14% of us use only a computer
  • 32% of us search only on a computer


Smartphones have our attention

The new stats also reinforce the fact that smartphones consume more of our time than any other device. Currently, we spend an average of 170 minutes each day squinting at our smartphones and only 120 minutes staring at our computers (presumably working).

Multi-device consumption

The most surprising stat Google released is our growing reliance on multiple devices to get us through the day. 57% of us use more than one type of device during the day, and 21% of us are concurrent device users.

What enterprise brands should be doing

Google is doubling down on mobile and so should you. The mountain of statistical evidence is growing by the day. Make sure you’ve transitioned to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), especially since AMP has infiltrated the general mobile results. Keep in mind, it’s only a matter of time before loading speed or AMP becomes a ranking factor.

However, while mobile is important, don’t neglect your other channels. Since 57% of us use multiple devices, it’s critical to shore up your omnichannel strategy and capabilities as well.

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