Local Marketing Valentine's Day

Local Marketing Love Is in the Air

Valentine’s Day and Local Marketing

Ahh, Valentine’s Day! A day of love. A day of romance. A day of picking up flowers and making last-minute dinner reservations because you forgot today was Valentine’s Day.

If you were one of the many people so blinded by love that you forgot to plan for Cupid’s day of capitalism, fear not, because local search has your back. Need a last-minute gift? Have it delivered via UberRush. Need to make a restaurant reservation? A local search will help you find nearby restaurants. Planning a romantic getaway? Forget it, everything is booked by now. Still, dinner would be nice.

If you’re a marketer, your customers are probably expressing their love in terms of sales today. Your restaurant tables are full. Jewelry is flying off your half-mannequins. The chocolate industry is cashing in.

But what happens when the love fades? What happens when you wake up tomorrow, and all you have left are those stale heart-shaped candies that no one really likes? How do you keep your customers coming back for more? How do you keep them from getting seduced by the competition down the street?

The answer: local marketing. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. It will have your customers sending you love every other day of the year. After all, a solid local marketing program connects the online and offline world far better than any eHarmony or Tinder account.

So get off your cloud, Cupid, the real star of today is local marketing.

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