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The Secret to Keeping Your Brand From Being a Social Outcast

The Restaurant and Retail industries dominated the NatLo Top 150 list of the best digital marketers, with a combined total of 85 brands in the rankings. Of course, within each of these diverse industries several sub-categories were present—from pizza and sandwich chains in the Restaurant industry to furniture and drug stores in the Retail industry.

With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to blog about NatLo analyses and insights for various Retail and Restaurant sub-categories. The digital marketing strengths or weaknesses for each of these sub-categories offer insights to all types of companies on steps they can take to boost results from their local marketing efforts.

Since it’s the New Year and many of us have made another annual resolution to eat healthier, we’vedecided to start with the Grocery sub-category. Of the 53 Grocery brands we researched, only THREE (or 6%) made it into the NatLo Top 150: Save Mart Supermarkets, Hy-Vee, and Giant Eagle.

Congratulations to these top performing supermarket chains!

In studying these grocery brands’ local marketing practices and digital presence, the thing that stood out most to us was the fact that in spite of their superior overall performance, none of them included social media content on their local landing pages. These companies do a decent job with social media, in general. For example, each has active Facebook and Twitter accounts—and Hy-Vee was even recently recognized by Retail Customer Experience for its strength in responding quickly to negative social media posts.

However, with shoppers’ desires for user-generated content, real-time offers and peer recommendations, each company could benefit from adding social feeds to their local  pages. For example, a Grocery brand that tweets coupons, recipes and specials can include its Twitter stream on its local landing pages so that visitors to those pages see and interact with the content. Increasingly, multi-location brands are setting up social network profiles for individual stores, and local landing pages are the perfect place to drive engagement and increase reach.

Do you include social network content on your local landing pages and locators? If not, 2015 is the perfect time to start and Ignite’s Placeable team can help you decide how to do this. By integrating your social content onto your local landing pages, you not only boost conversions by giving consumers the content they want, you also take better advantage of all of the efforts your brand is dedicating to social media.

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